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Trip Details: Departing Luton/Liverpool Airport on Fridays and leaving Poznan Airport Mondays

Flights are around £70 Return. Hotel £102 for 3 nights including breakfast. Airport Transfer and travel to and from the koi farm £40. Average cost of an evening meal including drinks £15

What is Yoshikigoi?

Yoshikigoi Farm is the largest Koi Farm in Europe. Their “Yoshikigoi” are ranked among the best koi outside Japan. Yoshikigoi Management (UK) Limited, trading as Yoshikigoi UK, is the central point of contact for UK based Dealers and Individuals interested in all things Yoshikigoi including Koi; Yoshikigoi Food; Minerals & Treatments; Jos Aben’s Book and buying trips to the Farm.

On our Koi Trips, there is koi for everybody’s budget. Whether this be £50 or £5,000! All fish purchased will be fully quarantined for 14 days on return to the UK. Collection or delivery can then be arranged at your convenience.

On most trips, we will harvest a mud pond, as a guest of the farm you will have first refusal of any fish that come out of the mud ponds. You can also get involved with helping with the harvest, all you have to do is ask!

No trip is rushed, and you can browse until your heart is content!! Just because you ask one of the master breeders to bowl a koi, this is not a commitment to buy. We would rather you bowl 1000+ koi to find the one or ones you want, as opposed to rushing to buy the first one you see!

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