Mystery Tosai Boxes!


An opportunity to get your hands on some
VHQ tosai on a pre season sale!
Most people have a QT area, or a dedicated growing on area.
We have been given exclusive access to offer mystery tosai boxes which are almost at dealer pricing!
This is a short term venture so make the most of it.
All tosai boxes will be delivered week commencing the 18th of March 2024 after going through our rigorous quarantine process.

Images are representative and not the exact fish you will receive.

There are 6 options available:

All the tosai in x grade will be around 15/18cm
All tosai xx grade will be around 17/22cm
All tategoi tosai will be 22/28cm
We can guarantee that you won’t just get all single coloured tosai, and you also won’t get two of the same variety.

This is an opportunity that has never been done in the United Kingdom or Europe before.

The variety’s available will be:

Tancho, Sanke ,Showa, Kohaku, Shiro utsuri, Ki Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Yamabuki, Platinum ogon, Kujaku, Tancho Kujaku, Ochiba, Kumonruyu, Kikokuruyu, Beni kiko, Ki kiko, Green chagoi, Chagoi, Saragoi, Gin rin saragoi, Hariwake, Kikusui, Yamatonoshki, Tancho Showa, Shusui, Asagi + many more varieties!